A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

DistantQuest is a fan-made, fan-run indie game about the Beta troll ancestors.

Loosely following the interactive-narrative format of Friendsim and Pesterquest, DistantQuest showcases a broad spectrum of artistic style: each volume has its own unique character artist and writer, along with a varied team of background artists and musicians.  

As such, we hope to celebrate a wide variety of creative taste: an anthology and love letter not only to the rarely-acknowledged characters themselves, but to our own collective creativity in tapping into the potential of stories untold. 

DistantQuest is about adults dealing with adult problems, for better or worse.

VOLUME 9-10: Of Enemies, Church or State OUT NOW!



DistantQuest-69-mac.zip 377 MB
DistantQuest-69-market.zip 422 MB
DistantQuest-69-pc.zip 412 MB
Backgrounds and Endcards 1 - 10.zip 94 MB
Distantquest 1-10 Sprite pack.zip 81 MB

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Was it necessary to make Dualscar that hot? No. Am I glad they did it? Extremely.

The PC version worked well for me, and the 6 routes so far are awesome! I enjoyed them a lot. The arts are nice, the conversations with Alternian ancestors are sure deep and intense.

And oh boy, that Dualscar route made me fangirling so hard! The sprite and background arts, the music, and everything are top tier! Much kudos for everyone who made them all.

Also for the dev team, please take care, and take your time. We can wait for the next volumes.

For some reason, my computer says the files are missing?

That is odd, we are going to update the game  overnight, if its still giving you errors try using the market file as a temporary.exe

Been having trouble seeing Volume 3 & 4. Itch.io says that it is fully updated but doesn't have the routes.

Deleted 1 year ago

Refresh or try the market version. The Market version should work if the PC one refuses to do so.

got it!! thank you!!